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About Us

The ECCLESIAE project team consists of several researchers in different stages of their career:

Florence Gantenbein, Hanna-Maria Riesner, Corona Schumann, and Niklas Walder work on their doctoral theses, each on a specific urban center of the Roman Empire: Ephesus, Colossai, Antioch, and Philippi. Andreas-Christian Heidel is postdoctoral researcher and has an appointment at the “Internationale Hochschule Liebenzell”;

his contribution to the project is a monograph on Corinth. Jan Rüggemeier is Junior Professor at the University of Bonn and is currently completing his second book on the Christ groups in Rome. He designed the research project together with the Principal Investigator Benjamin Schliesser, who will write a study on the religious and social distinctives of early Christianity. 

Recent Impressions

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